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4 Key Features of Cisco Spark (Formerly Project Squared)

By Veronica Culver

The newly branded Cisco Spark was launched at Enterprise Connect 2015 last month. Originally introduced as Project Squared in November 2014, Cisco Spark is designed to make it easier for teams to connect, communicate and collaborate. Using the concept of a room, “Spark” brings together people and work into one place – this virtual room holds all the documents, messages, e-mails, notes, IM conversations in one place, everything a team needs to work better together. Plus, room participants can schedule and initiate meetings right from the room.

Team + Work = Cisco Spark

Everything about Cisco Spark is simple – this tool lives up to its promise of “Making Teamwork Simpler”. Visit the Cisco Spark website to sign-up from your Web browser or visit the App store to download it to your device. If you’re a new user, the Knowledge Base on the Spark site provides step-by-step instructions on how to use each of the features from your device of choice – iPhone, iPad, Android, Web, Mac and Windows. In a matter of minutes you’ll be up and running.

Here is an overview of 4 key features of Cisco Spark.

1. Virtual Rooms

Create rooms for all the teams, departments, or projects you participate in and create a unique name for each room to stay organized and get more done.
Add people to the room for a project or meeting with a click of the mouse or tap on the screen.

Create a 1:1 room for private conversations with colleagues or clients. These rooms stay private – you can’t add others to a 1:1 room.

View participants in a room from the Room Details tab.

If you want to invite people who are not currently using Spark, you can type their email address in the room – they will be sent an email invitation with a link to download Spark on mobile or sign-up on the Web.

2. Content and Context

Share documents, ideas, conversations, and more with team members.
Receive notification of new activity in the room.

See when your shared documents have been viewed by other team members.

Review newly uploaded files right in the room without having to download them first.

3. Meetings…anytime

Make meetings more productive by turning them into a Spark room.
Start a meeting at any time from wherever you are, on any device.

Invite people who are not in the room to a meeting by typing in their e-mail addresses and sending an invitation.

4. Reliable and Secure

All information you share is fully encrypted. You can rest assured that all documents and information you share can only be viewed by team members with access to the room.
Room moderators have the ability to lock their rooms to ensure sensitive information is protected.

Cisco Spark is currently free for up to three participants in a room. There will also be subscription options to choose from soon. Please stay tuned for more details on that coming soon.

Have you used Cisco Spark? If so, we want to hear from you! Tell us your Spark story below.

If you’re not using Cisco Spark, what are you waiting for?

Source: http://www.kbz.com/blog/4-key-features-cisco-spark-formerly-project-squared

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