November 30, 2015 4:21 pm

How Digital Signage Helps Snag Millennials

How Digital Signage Helps Snag Millennials

Millennials, or those born between 1980 and 2000, make up a consumer base heavily rooted in technology. These young men and women are members of the first digital age, using multiple electronic devices daily—and virtually from birth—to stay continuously connected with the people and companies they love. If your business is seeking to capture this demographic—and it probably should be—you’ll need to use technology to stand out where they’re already looking. Digital signage can lead the way.

The Power of the Millennial Consumer

Millennials are more than members of a key demographic—they’re trendsetting, technology-using consumers who communicate brand loyalty with their spending and social sharing habits. This powerful group makes up about one fourth of the US population and boasts about 1.3 trillion in annual buying power. They’re always online, too—in fact, about 87 percent of them own a smartphone, and they tend to share brand experiences (good and bad) via social networks. Ninety-five percent of Millennials cite friends as the most credible sources of product information, so a little brand affinity from this group can go a long way when fortifying your customer base.

Digital Signage as a Tool

Millennials seek engagement from their interactions with brands, so static advertisements may not be the best choice to capture (and hold) their attention. Digital signage, on the other hand, can offer the level of engagement and feeling of interactivity that they’re seeking while providing an eye-popping, customizable canvas upon which you can display your many marketing messages. Below are additional reasons digital signage is a good tool to snag Millennials:

• Many Millennials are DIY-driven, and they like to make decisions on their own without being force fed marketing messages. Using digital signage interactively can allow customers to create their own experiences in “self-service” fashion.

• Millennials like to feel special. Digital content is programmable, customizable and can take algorithms into account that make experiences feel more user-centric.

• Millennials are inundated with advertising messages, especially given their constant connectivity. Because of the technology’s flexibility, digital signage has the opportunity to stand out as both creative and relevant.

Digital Signage Done Right

The perks of digital signage are many: You can run numerous campaigns and change them at will, increasing audience retention and maintaining top of mind status. The endless options for digital signage design include music, videos, interactivity, and more. These powerful advertising tools work well in workplaces, retail scenarios, restaurants, and schools.
Remember that digital signage done right brands your business, attracts new customers, and encourages impulse buys when applicable.

The Takeaway

Statistics prove that Millennials are the kinds of consumers you want—connected, willing to purchase, and eager to share their experiences so that others will follow suit. Capturing the attention of this engagement-driven demographic can mean big bucks for your brand, and digital signage is a powerful marketing tool to embrace along the way.

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