October 11, 2017 4:31 pm

Maximizing Digital Out of Home Advertising with Creative Services

Digital out of home technology has been growing rapidly, and it is now being rightfully recognized as an advertising medium and a media channel of its own—just like radio, TV, magazines, newspapers, and, more recently, social media. As a subset of digital signage specific to digital advertising, digital out of home (DOOH) happens to be the fastest growing media channel on the planet now—growing to the tune of $26B by 2023 according to a global forecast report produced by B2B research firm MarketandMarkets.

Many of the most effective DOOH campaigns involve experiential elements that deliver the “wow” factor in extraordinary ways. Today’s consumers, especially the younger, tech-savvy ones, love having an experience when they go places. It lures them out into the tangible retail environment and motivates them to open their wallets. With well-executed DOOH campaigns, consumers can seamlessly spread the good word of mouth on their social media channels in tandem with their experience, and marketers can skillfully leverage these efforts in various ways.

Creative services agencies specializing in these technological experiences are growing rapidly and producing awe inspiring work. As a digital signage provider, it’s important to recognize where our expertise lies, and that we form partnerships with trusted creative agencies.

These relationships can be nuanced, so there are a few best practices to consider. For starters, the importance of discovery requirements cannot be overstated. How do we discover what each project requires? Defining the relationships of everyone at the table is another one. Who works for whom? We all work together for the end user, and maintaining open lines of communication with each party is fundamental to the project’s success.

Now, what happens when a client has a very specific amount of money for the project? How do funds get parsed into creative and technical delivery vehicles? In other words, how can AV integrators and creative services all work together if we are competing for budget?

One strategy is by targeting different budgets within the client’s organization. With digital signage, there’s definitive value to marketing departments through advertising revenue and other means. Many creative agencies report being brought into projects late where there wasn’t enough budget available to do even a minute of content on the high-end digital canvas that was built. If a creative agency and integrator can get a meeting with the client’s marketing department, demonstrate different marketing outcomes they can produce with the technology, then marketing can justify contributing some funds to get the content rolling. The real result though is that a trusting relationship can be established across the board, so when a new phase gets funded, everyone can work together collaboratively to maximize the client’s technology investments for the future.

Otherwise, in terms of competing for funds, the reality is that today’s successful AV technology projects simply aren’t about how many dollars can close a deal. Instead, it’s about how can we give the end user what they need. Because ultimately, that’s what builds a long-term, relationship to achieve lasting success for everyone.

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