May 21, 2018 11:07 am

Webcasting AND Web-conferencing: Getting the Best of Both Worlds

We recently shared an informative blog discussing web conferencing versus webcasting, from our global affiliate network PSNI. The piece was effective in explaining distinctions between the two; however, it neglected to mention that there are solutions that can deliver BOTH of these valuable communication tools.

Use Cases Matter Most

There are indeed platforms that effectively support both web conferencing for productivity enhancing team collaboration and large-scale event webcasting for corporate communications, training, etc. Within this context, it’s as important as ever to truly analyze the specific use cases for an enterprise organization. The fact is that use cases vary tremendously, and there’s no one size fits all solution. By considering the full scope of conferencing and large-scale communications needs, we can work together to provide the right platforms to achieve the desired outcomes.

The Capex – Opex Discussion

Of course, budgets and costs come into play as always. A careful, systematic balancing of needs with budget often dictates what that right solution is. Is the organization ready to apply a software as a service (SaaS) with an opex approach to financing? Or, does the organization’s business maintain a capex approach to its technology investments? The transition from opex to capex is a much larger conversation—one that is top of my mind for many in the C-suite today—yet it is a challenging and nuanced transition. Certainly, the broader technology trends point distinctly in that direction, but the fact is that some organizations simply aren’t ready to go there yet. The query into web conferencing and webcasting needs may help bridge this conversation when with armed the right consultation.

The Broadcast Factor

Additionally, there’s always the prospect that a full-fledged broadcast infrastructure is a worthwhile consideration for certain webcasting applications. Many large enterprises have gone down this road before and reap benefits from it. In this scenario, a separate web conferencing platform is likely to fit the bill.

Effectively analyzing use cases to explore the best options within specific parameters requires significant investments of time and resources to gain the appropriate knowledge. If you’re interested in learning more about translating your needs into the wide range of solutions out there for webcasting and web conferencing, drop us a line.

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