May 15, 2015 4:03 pm

Why Video Clouds Are the Next Big Trend in Video Conferencing

Why Video Clouds Are the Next Big Trend in Video Conferencing

By Annie Wiker

Video collaboration transforms the way organizations communicate and share information. From the days of expensive room systems that required regular maintenance and a lot of dollars, it is now at a stage where it is one of the flag-bearers of enterprise mobility and the BYOD trend. We are talking about a shift from hardware centric videoconferencing to software and service centric solutions. Thanks to cloud video conferencing, businesses can focus more on the communication and collaboration and less on equipment cost and maintenance. Cloud-based video conferencing is fast becoming the preferred communications medium as using a low-cost, hosted service results in fewer headaches and more work getting done.

Many recent studies and surveys show that the future of video conferencing is in the Cloud. According to a recent study by IDG Connect, it’s predicted that by the end of the year, mobile working will touch 1.3 billion globally. This is almost a third of the total global workforce. Taking Gartner’s survey results into account as well, almost 80 percent of the organizations say they will start using Cloud in one way or another before the end of 2015. And according to another survey by Wainhouse Research, mobile video conferencing will be adopted by 75 percent of organizations.

Why Video Clouds?

It is simple. When Video IT infrastructure becomes a service rather than an expensive, on-site hardware, it becomes a user-friendly, cost-effective, secure, and more attractive medium to collaborate. Also, the third party hosts take on the responsibility of maintaining the service on your behalf, leaving you with only the task of learning the basics of videoconferencing.

A Case in Point – VCA Connect

We offer VCA Connect; its cloud videoconferencing software as a service where users have the advantage of enjoying high quality videoconferencing from a device of their choice – desktop, smartphone, tablet, or Mac. They can attend a videoconference from anywhere, at any time, using a network that suits them. And again, there is no need to maintain complicated infrastructure. That’s a big savings on your capital expenditure, VCA Connect offers business grade cloud video conferencing services, and organizations can choose a subscription plan as per their usage requirements.

Videoconferencing for All

Technologies like videoconferencing shouldn’t just be utilized by multinationals with expensive room systems; it should be a collaboration tool for businesses of all sizes. Small and medium enterprises looking for cost effective, scalable, and secure communication should be able to access it. This is what video clouds bring – democratization of videoconferencing – and it is here to stay.


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